When the greys disappear

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Recently I posted a series of black and white photographs.  I was happy with the result at first.  Something was nagging me though, and a friend showed me what is was with a simple comment.  He said “the blacks are too black.”

I looked at the photos and realized that I took away the tones of grey usually vital to the success of a black and white.  I did this by adding to much contrast and micro contrast in a tool called curves.  In a color photo, the “punch” added by the curves is usually pretty pleasing.  In my case on top of the black and white, the contrast made the photos too dark to see detail.

To see what I mean I’ve included correct photo followed by the too dark photo.  We’ll see how this website handles the texture when uploaded!

So the next time you process a  black and white, make sure the details you desired or expect are present in your final presentation!  Also remember that friends don’t let friends post without making sure the greys are grey.