While the Five is Away

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While the K5 is enjoying an unscheduled Arizona vacation for maintenance, I’ve been shooting my lovely K200D.  She may be old, but the richness of the CCD sensor at low ISO’s is displayed here.

I grabbed a shot of the pitching machine waiting for business.  I loved the play the play of greens, red and blue with a shallow depth of field.

The baseball bats lined up nicely before the game to show off their color and variety.

The boys in motion put on a face and action worthy of a millionaire…if you look through a telephoto!  The capture was my attempt at being a little Norman Rockwellish.

Speaking of Mr. Rockwell!  My lovely family gave me a fantastic 40th birthday present today.  A Boy Scout Eagle Belt and a Norman Rockwell Boy Scouting book.  His vision of what America is will forever be the one in my heart and dreams.  Pride, honor, passion, hard work and reverence for God all stream from every brush stroke.

As I begin the fourth decade of my life today I hope you can see some of that in my photos as well.