Close to home

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Many times we look at our surroundings and think we have nothing interesting at all around us.  Such a feeling only gets amplified in our digital and fast food world.  Today I took my usual photos at baseball practice, but I set a challenge for myself while cooking dinner to find something in my backyard to make a photo out of.

A log covered by my least favorite local vine created a nice frame for itself.  Then I wanted to photograph a web I found in that vine.  Suddenly a spider appeared to give me an even better subject.  The spider was pretty hard to catch in the falling light though.  Of six shots only one was any good.

The moral of today’s story is that something around us will always be interesting.  You just have to get your eye to stop looking at what you always looked at before!  Look at it like a child does a new toy, and a vision will spring out at you that you never saw before.