Getting the Point

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One technique I have to master is making photographs direct you to a point.  I am going to use two photos to illustrate this.

In the first, the architecture and the colors of the beams all bring your eye to the top of the photo.  As your eye moves, I hope it takes in all the elements of the photo, beams, color and complimentary circular and triangular shapes.  This was nice to shoot because everything was stationary.  I could take my time to compose and shoot.

In the second photo I use three people all doing things to draw you to the “point.”  The one boy needing his gear put on, and needing help with the shin guards forms the base.  Kalen and a coach rush to help him get into the field so we don’t delay the game.  Both Kalen’s eyes and the coaches are focused on the shin guard to bring our entire focus to the problem and its collaborative solution.  The whole photo jelled itself in a matter of seconds.  I was lucky to recognize it, frame it, reset the aperture and click in time to catch it.

Photography is fun, but it is also story telling.  Some stories stand still, and others move. The best photos will convey the story quickly and efficiently.   If a photo leaves you hanging for an answer, you will probably scratch your head an move right along.  Our objective is to not let that happen!

I hope this helps you see one way to make a story come to life!