Software Power

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I am currently evaluating software for editing photos.  Selecting a suite is hard because each one displays strengths and weaknesses.  So like everything you have to make the best decision based on logical analysis and your gut reaction.

I put a few fun photos in here to show some before and after effects you can do with digital photography and these nice programs.  The one I used to night is from On One Software can is called Perfect Photo Suite.  This suite offers you the ability to create photoshop layers, and then stack the effects across all the sub programs.  After testing three different software packages this one is the best at integration by far.  Its integration of tools makes it very fast.

On the negative side I think Nik software does better in detailed results.  The problem there remains you have to use each program individually to get the type of effects On One gets in one pass.

So here is a quick conversion of each of my children in their Halloween costumes in to B&W, a vintage film effect and a special effect which removes backgrounds.  Snapshots get a second shot at the keeper bin if given the right effect!