Life’s Little Gifts

Yesterday one of the Greatest of Life’s Little Gifts arrived, a healthy baby girl named Kellie Marie. She is all of 7.1 lbs and 19.5 inches long at birth and has me wrapped around her little finger.

Later some thoughts will follow…but for now here are some photos from the family experience of one of life’s little gifts.



Raising Spirits!

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Well my poor boys caught one bug after another for the last 10 days, and today they needed a break from feeling sick.  So when the temperature hit 65 degrees I took them outside and let them race their little Tonka race car.  Kalen got excited as well when I told him I was taking pictures.  So excited that he grabbed his camera to join in the fun of taking photos!

We caught the cars flipping, jumping, and getting stuck in the grass.  I saw boys get excited, laugh and smile in ways they just have not been able to do for a while.  We were sad to come in, but the setting sun dictated we just had to go on to our next set of chores.

On the happy side for me, I was capturing on memory card what I love best…my family.

On the techie side all are shot with my new DA*60-250mm lens.  It did a great job of isolating the subject, focusing quickly and rendering good contrast even at an iso of 1600. Bravo!  Baseball season should be fun!