Photo Evolution

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Today we went to the Train Museum.  We had a very hard day to shoot anything.  Overcast with lots of blinding haze.  To get decent shots I tried the overpower with flash technique.  It worked some of the time.  I also dreadfully over exposed two photos (well more than two).

Since I shot RAW files I was able to make it useable.  Still not satisfied I took the photo first into Nik Veveza 2.  Using the selective edit feature I darkened the horrible sky to bring focus to the people and train.  Then I took the photo into Color Efex 4 where I applied two filters, and a few negative control points.  Once done I finished by repairing a few points in the sky, and sharpened up the faces for a 10×12 screen shot.

The point of these photos shows that tools can help you improve a shot, but never replaces getting the conditions right before you close the shutter.  A little negative compensation, exposure lock, and tight flash work would make a better photo in my opinion.  That is my 20/20 hind sight talking.

But if you make a mistake like this….you can use powerful tools to help make something out of not much.