At Life Speed

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Life moves slowly and then it moves far to fast.  For four weeks the three big kids were gone with Grandma and Grand Dad.  They had an awesome adventure.  Mom left ten days ago to get them.  I ran around the house, work and the area getting projects done.  Although busy, I could still hear the house wanting its fill of noise and activity to come back.

They all came home last night.  Today we had out fill of church and a lazy afternoon…with Dad remembering camera lessons as fast as he could to freeze the reunion day in my mind.  There was just so much to take in. The children grew and matured far beyond what I thought a month could offer.  They had stories to tell about adventures in Dollywood, the Grand Canyon, Lake Havasu, and Grandma’s pool.  Mommy worked hard making dinner (camera not allowed in there or I’d get a knuckle sandwich for me) and Kellie was just rolling around being cute and bubbly.

It was why I picked up the camera to begin with…to record life as it passed by.

While nothing I took today will win an award, or merit a paycheck it will record a moment that passed by at life speed for the rest of my life.