Tint in B&W

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I took these two photos specifically to be processed as B&W.  I knew I would have to experiment with different B&W tints and processing to bring out the clouds.  I wanted to do this get some understanding of what tinting can do to influence one’s perception of a photograph.

In both photos I hoped to bring out the interesting cloud formations to create a foreboding mood.  (I did think I was going to get dumped on the entire time I was on walk about in Savannah.)  In one photo you’ll notice a sepia or golden tint.  It lightens the color, and helped increase the visible contrast.  As a result I got the dramatic sky I wanted.  However it does not give one a sense of danger that I wanted in the photo.  The second photo of the returning tour boat, used a heavy contrast with a non-tinted B&W color set.  As a result it generated a very serious mood.  I hoped it would look like the little boat was running from the storm…which in real life certainly was how it looked as the boat moved quickly to discharge its passengers at the pier.