Nashville, Indiana

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On my way to Skip’s Summer School…yes I was bad boy in school last year…I stopped to visit a friend in Nashville, Indiana. It is a small town in the middle of a State Park between Columbus and Bloomington. Most people don’t realize that there are hills in Indiana, especially south of Indianapolis headed towards the Ohio River. The town’s major business consists of artisans of all types selling their wares to passing tourists.

Whenever I pass through small towns my normal tack is to try and locate something that will remind me of the people. The downtown architecture is a mix and match hodgepodge of styles. Rustic and fantasy all wrapped into one. WIth that in mind I took a few photos trying to capture that feeling around storefronts just opening up for the day.

Next time you travel, try to use a picture to capture those thousand words you just don’t feel like writing down!