Shadows make a shot

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Skip’s Summer School lesson #1001

Shadows make a photo.  Funny to think of…but after looking around for terrific light it is the shadow that makes or breaks you.  The shadow allows your mind to perceive depth in a photo.  With depth comes the desired three dimensions in a two dimensional frame.

In these photos I made a concerted effort to have a shadow under the nose, or in the fringes of the eye socket.  When I watched my son advance down the first baseline I watched through the telephoto and chose a few frames where I anticipated the shadow (I don’t spray and pray..This was his second time around and I already knew where the shadows were working).  With my son I even practiced with him playing, and then posing for me trying to get the light right.  I tried about ten poses and techniques to finally get this one.

I know, not award winning, but even in short trips out with the kids if I practice selective photo taking I will produce a better image.  One that I may want to frame as more than a Kraniochrome.

Shadows make a photo…remember that and 9 times out of 10 our photos will improve!