St. Mary, Georgia

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Traveling to southern Georgia last week was terrific. I had a chance to swing by the scenic town of St. Mary, Georgia.  You might not know the name, but you may have seen it in many a TV show or movie under another name.

The waterfront is on a river which separates it from an island national park.  The park is lovely, and includes several piers, a water fountain and some good places to eat!  I tried to get a little flavor of the town in these shots I had time to get.

On the way home I took a road less traveled, the ones I really like to take, and met Tatter.  Tatter is Matter the Tow Truck’s older brother.  Tatter and I had time for a short conversation.  I learned everything Matter can do, Tatter does better because he taught him.  The talent scouts wanted Tatter, but he loves Georgia Peaches too much to want to trade it in for Tinseltown!
Other trip photos can be found here!   St Mary, Georgia