Eyes on You!

Another lesson I learned at Skip’s Summer School was to watch for reflections of light in mirrors and glass. Usually they are a major problem because they put a glint into a spot that distracts from the image you are trying to capture. In this image I seized the opportunity to make the reflection a major point of interest.

My daughter was working on her American Heritage Girl Technology Frontier badge. She used a magnifying glass as she examined the differences between clay and top soil (or what substitutes for top soil here) . There was no bad glare on the lens so I started to look for a shot. I put my point and shoot camera down low, pointed it up, locked focus and caught this.

I’d hoped the eyepiece would make one eye much larger, but it did not come through. Instead I got a surprise bonus, the rocks she was viewing were faintly visible. With a touch of polarizer on the lens the rocks popped and a story was told!

So when looking to follow some rules, just remember that sometimes you can bend the rules just a bit to make something special!