For my homework lately I’ve been examining shapes. One of the hardest shapes to work with are triangles. Triangles are the strongest shape, they divide our rectangular frames and add tension to photographs. So I took it upon myself to try to create a pleasing photograph while on a walk about full of triangles.

I this photo I played with the triangles, parallel lines, circles and implied rectangles to keep the photo interesting. With a little luck I made some edgy tension relaxed by implied rectangles.  I added the vignette to also create a rounded edge driving you easily and naturally to the focal point of my photo.

So on your next walk about see what you can make from the world around you!


Sport Event Nightmare!

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On Sunday I found myself blessed to watch my sister’s college soccer team (she’s an assistant coach) play soccer.  The weather was absolutely perfect up at Piedmont College in Northern Georgia. The ride was smooth and the family company wonderful.

The nightmare began when on this lovely, sunny fall day when I looked at the SHINNY WHITE UNIFORMS glowing in the 1PM sunlight.  I also forgot my mono pod.  So everything would be hand held 60-250 from the sideline stands.  When the ball started moving around I realized I had a lot to learn about the sport of soccer to identify the decisive moments.

I watched for a half, and then went to work.  To reduce the blown out highlight problem I activated the “highlight correction” feature.  I knew of it thanks to reading the manual.  Then I set my camera to shutter priority to keep the speed up enough to freeze action, and shot away.  I was happy when I came home to find most photos were exposed properly.  However having a ball in the photo or a good story was difficult to find.   The ball moved fast, and the geometry was sometimes difficult to predict to anticipate where to put my lens.  I also realized that this sport was a little harder to use my selective single frame shooting for.  Soccer, like football, demands a little machine gunning photos at a critical moment to get the elements you want in the frame.

In the future I’ll bring a step stool so I can move around a fence line and hold the shutter release down a little longer. The other motto from the story will be read your manual.  In these fancy cameras you will find gems in the feature set which will allow you to capture the moment in some rather adverse conditions…if you know it exists!

I hope you enjoy the photos I selected!


Beauty in the midst of our lives

Like most homes with four homeshooled children, and both parents involved in scouting leadership, life is a wild ride.  I am often wonder how I will grow as a photographer in the midst of all this “living.”
This weekend was no different.  I was at an all day adult scout training event, and I thought I would never get a chance to shoot something really nice.  Then I looked over and saw light streaking through the trees to a red bush being backlit.  It was like a fire alarm went off in my head…that might be the shot of the weekend!  I grabbed my P&S and started to crouch and follow light…frame the photos…switch to aperture mode to try a few creative visions.  Then I snapped away.

Meanwhile ten other adults looked at me with a grin and bewilderment.  I could almost hear, “What is that guy doing?”

Little did they know, I was chasing my dream while facilitating those of my family and friends.  It might be a road less traveled, but it is the one that has made all the difference.  It makes me who I am, and ever more appreciative of the beauty in the midst of our lives.