Beauty in the midst of our lives

Like most homes with four homeshooled children, and both parents involved in scouting leadership, life is a wild ride.  I am often wonder how I will grow as a photographer in the midst of all this “living.”
This weekend was no different.  I was at an all day adult scout training event, and I thought I would never get a chance to shoot something really nice.  Then I looked over and saw light streaking through the trees to a red bush being backlit.  It was like a fire alarm went off in my head…that might be the shot of the weekend!  I grabbed my P&S and started to crouch and follow light…frame the photos…switch to aperture mode to try a few creative visions.  Then I snapped away.

Meanwhile ten other adults looked at me with a grin and bewilderment.  I could almost hear, “What is that guy doing?”

Little did they know, I was chasing my dream while facilitating those of my family and friends.  It might be a road less traveled, but it is the one that has made all the difference.  It makes me who I am, and ever more appreciative of the beauty in the midst of our lives.