Time Travel at Home

This weekend I worked overnight Saturday to Sunday, and found myself forced out of the opportunity to capture the wonderful fall light.  I grew frustrated as I traveled from site to site, or took my nap since so many lovely photos were not being turned into digits.

This evening just before dinner I grabbed the P&S when these chairs started providing a silhouette and warm colors. I thought the chairs looked like something from a nice trip I once took to a historic residence.  It made me feel like I’d gone back in time.

I shot several frames, removing distractors…and messing up Mom’s organization for the kiddo’s home school classroom.  I got a nod of approval from my wife…and I kept working.

After a little experimentation in Perfect Effects 7 I got this result.  I hope you like it. (My wife did, so the disruption to her classroom was acceptable..whew)

The moral of the story, is that a camera can serve as a time machine in the hands of a crafty practitioner.  Even if you do not have the opportunity to travel the world, like so many of the fantastic travelers I’ve read recently, you can travel world wide in your own home with a little bit of forethought.