Happy Fall Day

Today was a happy fall day in Roswell, Georgia.  I enjoyed company of visiting family, and the warmth of their love matched the warm fall day.

Roswell is a very nice town, just north of Atlanta on the north bank of the Chattahoochee River.  Originally a milling town for textiles and lumber, it grew into a quiet suburb of Atlanta over the last 35 years.

Our downtown has a little historical center, often used for movies and promotional photo shoots.  Today I was able to take a walk down the street and catch a few photos.  While we were walking back, the setting sun was too low to obtain any good photos along most of the steet.  I didn’t put my camera away though.  Just a few feet short of the car the sun poked through a cloud and illuminated this cute doll.  Since my camera was still out and on, it took but a second to frame and shoot three shots with different creative settings.

Just like everything in life, we always need to be prepared.  The best camera you have is the one you have with you.  The best camera available is the one out and powered up.

It is a metaphor for us all as we face the many challenges of our lives.  When faced with an ethical choice do we have tools needed to negotiate them ready?  Do we have the background materials available to study the problem in greater depth?  Do we have our courage up and ready to defend what we know is right in the face of serious straw men challenges? Are we ready for deep cutting personal attacks rather than philosophical or logical ones?

We will never know the time or day of our greatest crisis, but we are all called to be ready to the utmost of our abilities.  God will help carry us though the rest, but only if we prepared for the test.


PS Stand by for a few more Roswell photos over the next week!