Family Ties


Many things in life today take us away from splendid pleasures family’s used to share. My lovely wife does a very good job of making sure our family slows down whenever possible to recognize such golden moments. This photo records one of those times.

My mother-in-law spent a year learning new techniques and searching out patterns to sew us a huge quilt. The quilt says little things about American history in a very lovely, folksy and informative way. It means a lot to us because we are an Americana loving couple.

So this photo records a moment where she took the time to demonstrate this quilt. Carrie explained stories, special sewing techniques and the small attention to details Grandma put into it. We are doing our best to make sure the kids can understand the difference between this work of art, and a Walmart import special.

We only put value on things we understand and experience. This is a moment we intend to repeat from time to time to make our children and family aware of the talents and values we hold dear..we’ll pray it takes root and makes trees reflecting the best sum of their ancestors.