Let angels guard your way home!


A lot of traveling this weekend…so here is a little angel from my Roswell walk last week…to hope you have someone else looking out for you on your trip home.

A bit about the photo. This was an exercise in depth of field for me. I took two photos at two different apertures to see the effects of depth of field on the angel. It turned out I used the one with a slightly larger depth of field for two reasons.

1) I had more of the angel in focus…but not the whole angel. I wanted to focus eyes on the details you see here. It was a conscience decision.

2) The smaller aperture also created a harsh octagon shaped bokeh. I knew this might happen because it is a know characteristic of this lens. In certain conditions when used below F2.8 you can create octogons instead of pleasing round dots in the bokeh behind your point of focus. I learned one situation when it happens. You can still see some it behind the angel to the left.

We’ll be safe going home…and I hope you enjoyed the photo.