Chasing Dreams


My Dad had a dream all his life to own a farm and a Model A. He’s worked hard and planned well so he now has both. He’s finishing his fourth year out there the wine and horse country of Virginia on a farm. He grows his own vegetables, and hay for lambs now while still working his day job. This fall he finally found a Model A. All weekend long he had guests to the farm riding around in the little 1930 Model A truck. I of course recorded each visitors ride. It was fun to see their smiles and amazement at how different travel would be if we went back 80 years to that small little truck.

Today on our ride back to Georgia my wife and I discussed the value of dreams. We see their benefit in providing purpose to our frenzied lives. We see the dispirited nature of those without dreams, just waiting to be lead by others to a promised land. We also discussed that sometimes our dreams need to change because who we are does not really line up with what it takes to get make the dream reality.

In the end we determined for us achieving dreams by leaving faith in God and family behind were just too much for us to bear. We also examined our own lives, and realized how by listening closely to whispers of the Holy Spirit, we changed course several times to bring us to where we are today. We agreed that it is very good for us that we did acknowledge and discern what those whispers had to say. Our current dreams are very good ones indeed, and have our little family in their circle.

So chase your dreams, but don’t be afraid to look and see if other chapters may be a better fit for you!

PS If any photos on this site touch you, please let me know. I am now able to sell them as part of my photographic dream!