Friendly Surprise

When on your back photographing flowers...look who can visit...

When on your back photographing flowers…look who can visit…

When you lay on your back to photograph a flower always remember to keep an eye on your surroundings.

I turned and looked up to find this guy about to breathe on my face…luckily with a snap shot I caught him looking pretty cool inches from my nose.

This was a surprise…why?

I don’t own a cat.

I was in my own yard.

I’m allergic to cats.

My favorite cats are the neighborhood mouser and snake eaters…all others need to keep a respectful distance.

My five year old (child 3 of 4) and wife…well they love cats.  They’d have one if I was eaten by this one.

Well luckily this guy did not lick my face.  He works very well as a good mouser and snake eater.  He belongs to a neighbor who rescues cats.  She has four or five that roam the neighborhood.

Two of them work shifts in my yard.  Every once in a while they pose for me after they get happy petting visit from my cat loving son.

Ok so the moral of the story is?  Just keep your eyes on more than the pretty picture.  Especially if you want to visit Africa, Brazil, Los Angeles, Chicago, downtown Atlanta…there are dangerous cats that might visit you not so nicely if you forget to monitor your surroundings.


UP! UP! And Wonderful!

Looking up at the Georgia Aquarium's atrium

Looking up at the Georgia Aquarium’s atrium

I was enjoying a birthday party with my family at the Georgia Aquarium and as we walked a ray of light ran over my head…so I looked up to behold…this wonderful sight!

I loved the confluence of the circles, rectangles, reflections extending the scene into the glass and the beyond.

So the moral of the story is an old one.  When you are roaming looking for photos remember the world goes left, right, up and down!



Make the leap boy!

Make the leap boy!

Visiting the park is a joy…you see the fearless try to fly and the nervous take small steps…but the kids just know to keep moving.  If you stop moving of course parents may just find you and take you home!

For this one I framed and shot the photo a little larger and cropped when I got home.  I do that a lot when photographing action.  You just have to know where you put your focus point, and make sure that was actually the part of the photo you wanted attention drawn to.

Some people do focus, recompose and then shoot.  This is ok if you are using a really large depth of field, but will not work on shallow depths.  The focal plane will just be too small, and your properly composed shot will be out of focus on the heart of your photo.

So the moral of the story is…frame enough to catch the action and then use your little select autofocus point option to get the part of the photo you want sharp.


Why I shoot to capture the joys of life.

Kellie Marie's first birthday party!

Kellie Marie’s first birthday party!

Kellie Marie's first ten minutes of life

Kellie Marie’s first ten minutes of life

This is why I capture photos…to celebrate the joys and trials of life.  They remind me why we as a family have to fight through the troughs to ride the crest into the shore.

What you see here are two of highs of the last twelve months.

Kellie Marie is our fourth child.  We prayed long and hard for her to come join us…the adventure of pregnancy was a tough one.  The reward however is beyond anything a word or photo could do justice to.

To get that child and her three siblings to a happy birthday we had a job transfer, new city, new church, started to make new friends…and left our old secure network of friends and family….and new bonds formed between the children, parents and family in our new home.

Many troughs to navigate, but on the crest of the last weekend where we saw happy family and friends celebrate here first year.  It was a glorious day to celebrate the lives God gave us all.