Why I shoot to capture the joys of life.

Kellie Marie's first birthday party!

Kellie Marie’s first birthday party!

Kellie Marie's first ten minutes of life

Kellie Marie’s first ten minutes of life

This is why I capture photos…to celebrate the joys and trials of life.  They remind me why we as a family have to fight through the troughs to ride the crest into the shore.

What you see here are two of highs of the last twelve months.

Kellie Marie is our fourth child.  We prayed long and hard for her to come join us…the adventure of pregnancy was a tough one.  The reward however is beyond anything a word or photo could do justice to.

To get that child and her three siblings to a happy birthday we had a job transfer, new city, new church, started to make new friends…and left our old secure network of friends and family….and new bonds formed between the children, parents and family in our new home.

Many troughs to navigate, but on the crest of the last weekend where we saw happy family and friends celebrate here first year.  It was a glorious day to celebrate the lives God gave us all.


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLIE MARIE!!!!! Thank you for the blog Eric, always enjoy reading it. Love you guys! Suzi & Steve

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