Friendly Surprise

When on your back photographing flowers...look who can visit...

When on your back photographing flowers…look who can visit…

When you lay on your back to photograph a flower always remember to keep an eye on your surroundings.

I turned and looked up to find this guy about to breathe on my face…luckily with a snap shot I caught him looking pretty cool inches from my nose.

This was a surprise…why?

I don’t own a cat.

I was in my own yard.

I’m allergic to cats.

My favorite cats are the neighborhood mouser and snake eaters…all others need to keep a respectful distance.

My five year old (child 3 of 4) and wife…well they love cats.  They’d have one if I was eaten by this one.

Well luckily this guy did not lick my face.  He works very well as a good mouser and snake eater.  He belongs to a neighbor who rescues cats.  She has four or five that roam the neighborhood.

Two of them work shifts in my yard.  Every once in a while they pose for me after they get happy petting visit from my cat loving son.

Ok so the moral of the story is?  Just keep your eyes on more than the pretty picture.  Especially if you want to visit Africa, Brazil, Los Angeles, Chicago, downtown Atlanta…there are dangerous cats that might visit you not so nicely if you forget to monitor your surroundings.