Motherly Love

Baby gets a moment with Mom after feeling sick...

Baby gets a moment with Mom after feeling sick…

My youngest was feeling under the weather Friday…doing better now but not getting far from a parent’s arms (writting one handed now as I make this Saturday AM).

I love capturing these emotional scenes. They really speak to the moment, and tender love my wife gives the children.  It speaks volumes to the peace I feel when I come home at night. (Yes even with four kids you can have peace in your home).

On an editorial note…I edited this RAW photo with a few curves, and a brush to handle shadows on my daughter’s face.  Overall I wanted a more analog quality to the photograph.  I personally like contrasty photos with natural skin tones.  In this photo the light in the room reflecting off those purple/pink sheets gave everything this glow I wanted to keep.  It was that color mood I wanted to freeze.

Is that perfectly, and technically correct?  Nope.  Is it what every camera maker and software converter does when they process your photos into JPEGs though!

So just be aware that you are always being influenced by different parts of the photographic process.  Everything from 77-automatic exposure zones, to JPEG processing, to the color calibration of your screen, and a hundred other sub-routines we cannot even begin to fathom.  If you want to be in charge of the memories you make, be aware of this and take charge of the photo wherever possible in this process so it looks the way you want.

…and that will take me to tomorrow’s piece…