Pool Shark

A boy plays his first game of pool...

A boy plays his first game of pool…

My son plays his first game of pool…while doing a Cub Scout achievement no less!

To capture a moment of timeless contemplation what else to do other than get a nice photo finished as sepia?

I am really starting to enjoy environmental portraiture.  To photograph people in their element makes catching a glimpse of their soul so much easier!

For you camera geeks like me…shot with a Pentax K-5, Sigma 17-50 F2.8 OS with reflection coming off the pool table itself actually giving me some fill light!  Fantastic combo of camera and lens.  Post was completed in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.


Winter Holds On

Winter holds on...with almost freezing temps north of Atlanta...

Winter holds on…with almost freezing temps north of Atlanta…

Winter is holding on for another weekend here in Roswell, GA.

This was an experiment to capture the feeling of being in the woods on a cold day with a “small” sun fighting through the trees.

The lens is at 68mm (102mm equivalent) and then closed down the shutter to F29.  I went to B&W in Silver Efex Pro 2, and then added a hint of contrast and structure to enhance the star burst a bit.

Please let me know if I got the effect I wanted!


Valentines Day with Four…

Valentine Ginger Ale!

Valentine Ginger Ale!

Even with four little ones, and a crazy week of family trials we had a great night!  I hope you did as well!

I really did not know how my wife did it, but she pulled it all off.  Candlelight dinner for six…Pork Tenderloin, Roasted Potatoes, and Squash for the toddler.

Just a quick snap with my little X10 and some photo fun in my current favorite editing app Perfect Effects 7.1. Both have a light HDR effect added to enhance the dynamic range of the photos.


Candy cars and flowers for our valentines!

Candy cars and flowers for our valentines!

Do you capture or create?

Do you capture or create photos?

Do you capture or create photos?

When you say, “Lets go out and take a photo!” do you usually record a scene or create a scene?

This is important for us to all examine if we want to improve our photography.  Why?  Well if you are a creator you might miss the elements in front of you in your haste to make your creation.  If you are a recorder you may forget that you can enhance the scene with a new element added by you.

What got me thinking of this was this photo.  I was walking by the grotto at church, when I saw all these elements (frame, ground light, sunlight, perspective and golden rule potential) create a possible composition in the morning light.  I then asked myself..but could I build this photo myself?

So this is setting me on a little path of needed enlightenment.  Now I have to not only look at scenes for what they are, but evaluate what they could be if I develop my creativity as well as my recording skills.

So what are you?  And what does that say about what you need to develop to meet your full potential?