Old Car City

Old Car City Workshop ahead!

Old Car City Workshop ahead!

I arrived and met the gang of His Light Photographers…

This weekend will primarily be an HDR photograph weekend.  That means multiple exposures with the same aperture which over and under expose the image.  This batch of photos becomes data for combination into a single image.  A program will merge the images, taking the best exposed parts of each exposure and make them one photo.

Why do this?  Well a camera, even the best camera built, still cannot see what your eye sees in one frame.  So to replicate what your eye sees you need merge a few frames and make and HDR to capture the dynamic range of light that is actually right in front of you…if you look hard enough.

If you want to know what is going on, and the program…I’ll fill you in a bit over the next few days.  Until then check out

http://www.billfortney.com  and see what it is all about.