Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams at 45F!

Field of Dreams at 45F!

Went out to test a new camera tonight….a Fujifilm X20.  Out of the box, with no manual read yet…all I can say is that for a point and shoot I am amazed.  Almost able to do sports photography AT NIGHT!

I picked up this camera as a go everywhere camera.  I really enjoyed the X10, but this new camera has a viewfinder which actually works.  I can read focus point and other information inside the viewfinder.

There are a lot of other little improvements I still have to learn, but so far so great.

For this photo I shot it in color, and converted it to B&W in Perfect Suite’s B&W.  I used a full dynamic range B&W conversion, and loved what I saw on the big screen in terms of available range and detail.

So far highly recommended….just too tired tonight to write or think any harder.