Fun Work!

Store Fun

Store Fun

I had a chance to have some fun today while doing a quick job for a friend.

My friend’s wife runs probably the most awesome seconds store I’ve ever seen, and they needed some photos made up for their new website.

So after taking photos of the store i got some environmental shots, and this cool red animal just stuck itself out at me wanting its photo taken.  It was also saying. “Take me home to Kevin.”  I was able to satisfy the photo craving without adding to the extensive at home stuffie collection.

I’m still not sold on Lightroom as the be all, end all of photo organizing.  It certainly has a lot of rough edges left, and need for speed improvements in other areas where Aperture still shines (yep that Aperture).  It does however have one killer tool everyone should try….CLARITY.  It helps with sharpening and contrast.  It is just awesome.

So that is what I’d like to share tonight…try clarity!

PS:  If you need seconds for children in Roswell go to Ladybugs and Lizards in historic Roswell!