Prayers for Jack Please!

Jack and Family Pryer Request

Jack and Family Pryer Request

I’d like to ask a great favor from everyone who sees this blog over the weekend.  It involves prayers for a very good man and his wife.

We honored WWII veteran Jack at our little Cub Scout Veteran’s Day ceremony back in November.  He’s 90 now, but in this photo you see 17 year old Jack in the US Navy at the end of World War II on his Destroyer Escort.  A very little tin can that floated all over the Atlantic Ocean protecting troopships and the merchant marine from submarine attacks.

Jack sits right behind us at church every week with his lovely wife Ann….and he got charmed by my toddler every week for the past year until about five weeks ago.

Concerned that I had not seen him or his wife, I found his number an called this week to make sure everything was ok.  Unfortunately Jack fell, and was in the hospital for 11 days.  Now he is in a rehab facility trying to get out and home.

His wife is exhausted, but she shared with me that she could tell people like myself were praying for them when they were not at church.  She felt the prayers were what was giving her the strength to keep up her care for Jack in the long days since his fall.

To help with get some extra prayer support please say a prayer and “like” this page.  On Easter Monday I would like to give Jack and Ann a simple present.  A long list of people who are praying to God for their continued strength as they continue their loving example as a married couple working through the challenges of life.

Thank You for a even a moment of prayer for this good family to help them keep living out their faith.