Brotherly Love

Helping Little Sis get moving again

Helping Little Sis get moving again

Part of life if getting up after falling on our fourth point of contact….(your posterior for non-army airborne types).

I just love to remember that helping hands, no matter how small, go a long way to making life that much nicer as we recover from the falls.


PS Just a little cell phone capture….still getting the handle on it but it was what I had on me when the moment arose!

Airport Survival


This is how one can keep a happy face after getting up at 4AM make a 7:10 flight…only to find it cancelled and you get rewarded with a five hour delay going home…

Free refills helps the attitude as well!

Well back to enjoying my friends as they compete for higher scores on some new game called Freeflow…some good graces come out of everything!

PS. This is not fancy coffee just the regular joe type stuff…no burn’t beans here thank goodness!


The Cattleman Cafe


The Cattleman Cafe in Oklahoma City is a local favorite…and was recommended by friends at work today when we said we wanted something good and local.

Steaks are “just off the prairie” good. For a guy who gets to eat a stake maybe twice a year, if even that much, it was just old fashioned goodness to me. They serve delicious big hot and soft rolls too…hard to leave this tradition filled resturant.

It was a very nice treat to enjoy the special meal.

I’m sure this guy would have approved of our All-American meal selections….


’nuff said..thanks God for the nice night with friends.