Will You Help Him?

Will you reach out to help him?

Will you reach out to help him?

On his way to the cross Veronica reached out to help Jesus.  Most of us today can not fathom the bravery it took to do this act of mercy.

Remember the crowd was frenzied.  The governing powers led poor in spirit around like sheep.  Any sympathy to Jesus could lead to an enforcement gang immediately targeting you for death as well…without a trial and rather brutally..especially if you were a woman.

When you accept the call of Christ, you must live it out by both in your heart and in your deeds.

Jesus dined with sinners yes, but he called them to repent in their hearts live it in their actions.  I submit to you he is calling each of us as well…

So to build his kingdom on earth we are called to be like Veronica.  We are called to risk our lives to help Christ build his kingdom.

A quick look at the television today shows us the dangers that lie in wait for us…false accusations, projections, and yes even physical violence if we preach for and walk with Christ.

Will you take the risk to walk with Christ like Veronica?  Or will you hide in the shadows?

As Easter Monday rises…what will your choice be?


PS Techies…this was taken with a little Fujifilm X-20.  Nice little camera.  Converted to B&W in OnOne Perfect B&W