Liberty is not free!

Remember their Sacrifice

Remember their Sacrifice

On this Memorial Day remember the fallen who gave so much to let us be free, and pray for them to be enjoying the sweet embrace of Christ in heaven.

As we pray for them, grab a the Federalist Papers and read what the founders understood liberty to be.  Learn what histories they read, and why the rejected so many notions we see advanced today…as if they are new and improved ideas!

Meditate on why they said on more than one occasion that our nation cannot survive without God’s natural law as its moral guide.

When you do these things you will honor those who sacrificed all..and understand why cannot forget liberty is not comes with the acceptance of consequence and the grows with charitas (selfless gift).That is the wonder of liberty.  When abused and made selfish; liberty becomes destructive to family, self and country.  When liberty becomes a cherished gift and our actions towards one another are selfless giving; liberty grows healthy families, communities and country.