All Aboard!

All Aboard for fun!

All Aboard for fun!

Three boys and a train museum…with buses!  What do you get?  Fun and energy all wound up and let loose at the Southeastern Train Museum in Duluth, Georgia!

The boys (my son and his two best friends) were really good, considering how much energy they had they were angels!  I loved every minute of their discovery, but had a hard time keeping the lens on them in focus.

I wish I could see the world as they do…in awe and wonder…and with the vivaciousness of their souls leaping out at all times.  Instead I’ll do as God intended us to do.  I’ll look on then with wonder, accept the challenge in being their guardian for the day, and see what lessons I can bank for another day.


PS Yet another shot showing the versatility of the Fujifilm X20 when equipped with a simple external flash unit (EF-20).