Water flowing from a rock…

From the rock water flows...

From the rock water flows…

Water flowing from a rock?  Well..yes and no.

Our basic earth science classes remind us that rocks cannot make water, but water can pass through their layers.  This is our aquifer layer, and the birth of mountain born streams.

In a way that is a metaphor for how God works through us.  Lets take the original Christian rock, aka Saint Peter the first Catholic Pope.  He represents us all.  He is a fallible man.  The image of God, but no God himself.

Like each of us, he rose to great accomplishements and also stumbled into the depths of failure.  Remember he was the one who kept cutting through all the distractions during Christ’s ministry, and first proclaimed him as our savior.  This same man then denied Christ three times.  In each of our lives I am sure you can find the same types of success and failure.  I know for me, my head bows immediately when I realize what I’ve done wrong in my life.

Despite his faults, and maybe because of them, Christ chose this common man, to pour his grace on the world in the early christian church.  Peter accepting the God’s grace in his heart, set the example for us by letting grace flow through and around himself to enrich the lives of each and every person he met.

On this Father’s Day, let us men be a rock like Peter.  Accept whatever grace filled water we can in our pores and crevasses.  As we do this, realize our ability to absorb grace is infinitesimal compared to the love God pours on us.  With every fiber of our being, redirect that great flow of grace onward to others in need.  First to our families, and then teach those children to spread the love of God ever outward to every soul in need.  Enrich each and every life we touch, so they can join us in making a waterfall of grace. The more people we touch the more beauty, power and grace of God can chance the face of the earth.

Just like a waterfall it starts one drop at at time…with water flowing through and around every rock it meets.

Happy Father’s Day Dad


Water of Grace working together.

Water of Grace working together.