The DeSoto-Up for Sale

DeSoto at rest

DeSoto at rest

This weekend I participated in my second art show in Alpharetta.  I came to the event with three new large prints for sale.  The one which garnered the most interest was my 10×20 metallic print of the DeSoto at Old Car City.

Over the last few months I’ve realized how nice real prints are compared to screen shots.  To see and touch a photo is to have them come alive!  I really don’t now how to describe the feeling I get when I see the photo come out of the box.  The closest word I can use is magic.  I first felt this when I was 16, and my Dad took me over to the photography store to meet our favorite printer at Twinbrook Photo!

If you are interested in sharing some of the magic in this print, I found a nice way to work out the deal!  As with all my sales 10% will go on its way to charity through our church.  The rest balances out the checkbook so I can make some more art!  I know shameless…but you have to pay the bills.

You can purchase the photo on the Square Marketplace, and I will have the item shipped right out to you!  If you are local here in Atlanta I might even be able to bring it on over!  Just click the link and head on over to the Square Store


Thanks for looking!


PS This was Mr Pentax K-5 with the 15mm prime, tripod mounted doing their thing back in March 2013


Time with my son

Time with my son

Time with my son

On of the benefits of “working” a show like Art in the Park is my children get to come with me.  Yesterday my eldest daughter came, and today my son.  I enjoy having them with me.  I don’t to take them to my real job, so this is where they get to see me relate with people and be a professional.  It is an extra classroom for them, and a place for me to be a Dad by introducing them to the world outside of the home.  It also gives a me a few moments to catch that glimpse of my children Mom gets everyday in homeschooling.  The glimpse of the real child of mine.  What good kids they are!  They each endured several hours of slow times, but they engaged other adults with conversation.  They learned a great deal, and were very courteous and respectful to all they met.  They even did a good job talking to people about the prints we had for sale.  We also had some time to laugh and talk to each other…all in the warm golden light of early fall.

To celebrate afterwards I snapped a few images of Kalen this afternoon.  I had nothing current of him in my collection, and I really was missing that.

Got to celebrate the good times…for in just a few years they’ll be out and on their own!


PS Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55 kit lens F4.5, 1/180, -1EV ISO200 @55mm.  Post in Aperture with a few simple adjustments.



Art in the Park! Alpharetta, Ga

Come Meet Tater

Come Meet Tater

This weekend I will be selling my photos at Art in the Park in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Saturday 9-4 and Sunday 11-4.

I have a portfolio selection matted and ready for framing, and four ready to mount works ranging from metallic prints to two varieties of canvas wraps!  The photo of Tater (not Matter…this is his brother) above is one of my collection you can see!

I will also for the very first time offer portrait sessions as a service.

I am very excited to participate in the show for a second time…and I’d love to see you there!

As always 10% of my sales go to charity.  Last month I was able to help a child participate in a faith formation group for a year at our local church (we got him most of his supplies).  Hard times are all around, and he needed just a little help to keep growing in the ways of God

If you are far, far away and still would like to pick up a photo from my portfolio please contact me at either or use the form below.