Patriot Day Calling

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So Much in one much in one God

Tomorrow is Patriots Day, and as we remember 9/11 we need to remember what historical patriotism is in our country’s history.

Patriotism is selflessness of action when others are down.  Patriotism is using the talents God gave us to care for ourselves well enough to have a surplus from time to time.  Patriotism is sharing the bounty through charity tithes without being forced under a government edict.  Patriotism historically recognizes each person has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Note there is no guarantee of happiness..that is why the French ended in guillotines. the Russian revolution ended in some 10 million or so dead, and Mao killed his own millions.  I could go on and on…

If you are in doubt as to what you should do to be a Patriot, I think we need not look further than the cross.  Simply remember who will be our judge at the end of time.  I’ve yet to see anyone go wrong just following natural law in terms of Patriotism.  Because when people work together following natural law they build communities.  Natural Law does not divide people willfully.  We must respect those who go down their own path, under their own right to life self determination.  The Founders knew this, and built natural law into our national fabric from the beginning.  If you do not believe me read their writings from their own hand, not what a modern author says about them today!

So what will you do today to be a Patriot and join the ranks of those honored?  Remember our nation is not one of birthright defining our lives, it is one where we are supposed to have a birthright to stake out our own lives.  Whether you are 1 or 91 you can choose to live a life of a Patriot.  Simply follow the law that was here before time began.


PS This is an example of re-developing a photograph using new processors.  I used OnOne to take a good photo and make it a whole lot better.  It is something I could not do a few years ago.  So go back and play with the past and bring out the vision you wanted with what we now have today.  Hey that is why they kept negatives in the film days!  No different at all!  Oh and don’t write when you should be in bed…typos abound!