Guest Post: Kalen and Kevin

Kalen and Kevin go to work

Kalen and Kevin go to work

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Here is a guest post from Kalen and Kevin!  Two weekends ago we started preparing for our first Blue Knights meeting.  This is not the motor cycle gang, it is a Catholic Youth Formation group for boys!  Our first year is building the armor of God, and the first thing we had to make were the shields of faith.

So the boys got to play with power tools as we cut up the shields for them and their pals.  During our “cutting up” each of the boys took turns grabbing a few photos.  Here are a few from their work…

We’ll be painting them this weekend with symbols of faith.  We talked about St. Peter and St. Stephen the night of the meeting, and they worked on their memory verse.  The whole purpose of this program is to encourage and enable fathers and sons to grow together in faith by providing each other the foundation needed to a a life time of service to God.

So far so good…


P.S. This is the little Fujifilm X-20 going to work here.