The DeSoto-Up for Sale

DeSoto at rest

DeSoto at rest

This weekend I participated in my second art show in Alpharetta.  I came to the event with three new large prints for sale.  The one which garnered the most interest was my 10×20 metallic print of the DeSoto at Old Car City.

Over the last few months I’ve realized how nice real prints are compared to screen shots.  To see and touch a photo is to have them come alive!  I really don’t now how to describe the feeling I get when I see the photo come out of the box.  The closest word I can use is magic.  I first felt this when I was 16, and my Dad took me over to the photography store to meet our favorite printer at Twinbrook Photo!

If you are interested in sharing some of the magic in this print, I found a nice way to work out the deal!  As with all my sales 10% will go on its way to charity through our church.  The rest balances out the checkbook so I can make some more art!  I know shameless…but you have to pay the bills.

You can purchase the photo on the Square Marketplace, and I will have the item shipped right out to you!  If you are local here in Atlanta I might even be able to bring it on over!  Just click the link and head on over to the Square Store


Thanks for looking!


PS This was Mr Pentax K-5 with the 15mm prime, tripod mounted doing their thing back in March 2013