iOS Travel Photography


I am mad as heck at myself…I ran out of the house to beat the rush and forgot my lovely X-E1 in the house on my desk with two charged batteries. So when I got he photo bug I had to turn here to my iPhone. I know, I know everyone is doing it nowadays. I am just resistant to it. I’ll use live view and all the modern conveniences but at the end of the day I just want my real camera.

Well I had the bug to shoot something, and I found myself at a rest area. I got a quick shot with a little morning sun. Problem was the flowers were definitely starting to fade…some flowers were downright depressing for what I wanted to do. So I came back to my room and played with the photo…first in iPhoto and then on Snapseed. Snapseed gave me some fun options I liked and knew how to use from my extensive experience with the product….and iPhoto is on its first run with me in its current regeneration.

The bottom line is that even when you have what you feel is little to work with, in today’s world it is a far cry from what we had just ten years ago. I made a pretty interesting piece…or so I hope!

Stay optimistic, and drive on to making some art!

PS iPhone camera on auto, edited in Snapseed.

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