Signs of Fall


A few signs of fall appearing around the town of Roswell, Georgia the last few weeks…and I finally got to enjoy a photo walk win town to capture a few of them. I particularly enjoyed how the leaves gave a sense of closure to the season as we zoom quickly to the dawn of winter. This bench was very interesting to me. I enjoyed the rich textures, contrasty color, and detail. So I tried to capture it faithfully.

If you’ve followed the blog for any length of time you know I enjoy shooting in the fall. The afternoon light is so warm and enticing. Funny thing is this photo does not get that full treatment due to placement of the bench! Oh well a few more days of this light before a business trip will take me for a spin way out west!

I’ve become increasingly self critical of my work. I think it comes with the higher expectations I have for myself. That is good because it drives me to improve my game, it is bad because it gives me greater pause before I shoot and share. I’m still learning the needed balance between shooting for fun, sharing and living. What a wonderful journey life is…who knows where it will take me or teach me in the days and years to come.


Model A goes to town


My Dad and I went for a ride in the Model A yesterday, just to take out the trash in town….and of course the truck demanded a short photo shoot! Luckily we had the historic school and some clouds to make the shot a little more interesting!

No crazy thoughts today…other than I hope you had a great weekend! I start a long road trip home tomorrow with the family in the “Silver Bullet.” So if you see a big van running down I-81 to Ashville, NC that would be us!

P.S. This is little X-E1 with an appearance of the 14mm. I really enjoy that lens! Edited in Snapseed on my IPad.

Feel the heat!


The competitors lined up their forces and studied their opponent. They peered into each other’s eyes Looking for weakness. In the last twelve months each grew in various ways, the younger one practicing each week with new sparring partners to take on his mentor. With hardly a sound the hounds of war slashed across the field of battle, slaying with precision cuts and discipline the enemy who was careless in his positioning. After fighting for twenty minutes and new sound crossed the battlefield….

A young boys voice said, “Is a horse stronger than a castle? Who is winning? How do you know?”

What fun to see one son dueling with his Uncle Steve, and the other loving on him as soon as the game was over to get his own special time. It is an annual event now each boy looks forward to. It is a special time to watch them bond, and see how my sons grow to appreciate, in new ways only a boy one year older could, the good man my Uncle is.

I’ve known for years how great a guy he is because he takes such good care of my Aunt, and my Dad’s youngest sister who is only 10 years older than me. She and I were pals when I was a kid..and on Thanksgivings she often came home from school to find me sharing her bunk for the weekend! That is what happens when you have a family of nine and a whole lot of kids/grandparents pouring in! No space is scared! Well I only want the best for her, and Uncle Steve definitely is the best medicine God ever dropped on her!

Yes it is one of the best memories a man can have in life…the knowledge that good lessons and memories are now passing through three generations.

P.S. Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55

Joy in Keeing the Faith

Keeping the Faith

Joy in Keeping the Faith

On Veteran’s Day I took my family down to the Georgia Aquarium to enjoy some of the lovely things our country can do.  After participating in two incredible Veteran’s Ceremonies the previous two days, this was the reward.

At the end of the day my wife asked me what was my favorite part of the aquarium.  I told my wife the joy in the eyes of the children.  I don’t think she understood what I meant.  How could she?  These photos still were locked up in my memory card!  Me?  Well I knew what was there since I had seen it through the lens!


P.S.  Fujifilm X-E1.  Polarizer brush in Aperture on the glass.  The JPEG was pretty much straight out of the camera other than that.