Piano Master to be!

Piano Master

Piano Master

Today I had to substitute as the Silver Bullet driver for my wife who was out with the nasty stomach bug…so I took the three big kids to Joyful Noise Band.  Me being me, grabbed my camera to do some street photography and contribute to the yearbook.

Ok, for those of you new to the blog we are homeschooling in the Wojo household.  Best thing we’ve ever done for our little family of six.  Atlanta Metro has a growing home school movement over over 85,000 children!  Well Joyful Noise Band is a large group of dedicated parents and children who gather once a week to form orchestras, bands, jazz bands, guitar bands, recorder bands for the youngest children and choirs.  I know I forgot something…but they do gather and make merry music.  The teachers are wonderfully trained instructors, many of them home school their own children.  I sat in with my big kids and snapped photos in their intermediate orchestra, and I was impressed.  I almost felt like I was back in the pit orchestra with Mr. Whitman at Paul VI High School ready to play myself.

Well this young boy was in the cafeteria between classes.  He was not much different than a number of other boys and girls who aw the piano and just started playing.  The music they played was not some chopsticks number, it was wonderful beautiful music.  Some talked while they played, they were the party social butterflies.  Others took a challenge and played at the urging of their friends.  Some like this young lad put their fingers on the keys and played, leaving the busy auditorium behind and entered the place where you can play with the angels.

I found myself wanting to capture the photo so badly, that I set the camera to quiet mode, and shot from the LCD at hip level.  It was not a stealthy shot, it was quite crazy inside a busy door!  But the lad just kept playing away long enough for me to experiment with the camera and get the shot I wanted.

I hope it makes the yearbook…and I hope I can get it to his parents.  It was a special moment that will be with me for quite a while.


PS X-E1, 18-55 lens at F4.5.  Internally processed jpeg with extra saturation and contrast.  Processed in Silver Efex Pro 2 for the B&W with vignette added back in Aperture 3.