Hat man’s delight!


I you ever met me you know I enjoy a good hat. When I was 16 I became the only guy to ask for a fedora for Christmas, probably in the history of the planet…but I did. That hat served me for ten years, only to be crushed when my household goods came home from Germany.

Well this store has my name written all over it. I so want to go in and get me a good hat…but unlike Seattle I’d definitely need a winter hat and summer hat in Atlanta!

Oh the choices only get harder don’t they!

Ok story for the shot is that I had a few minutes and did a recon of the local area around the hotel. This store came up, and if tried to get a good shot with X-E1 in with the few minutes I had left before my shift started. I edited it this evening after shift completed in Nik’s Snapseed on the iPad.

So now I am going to crash and sleep well after a hard day’s work and a moment of relaxation dreaming about being a pro businessman making photos for a living.