Roswell, Georgia snowed in!

Snowday in Georgia 2014

Snowday in Georgia 2014

The last month flew by like a whirlwind.  Sorta like that football flying past Manning on the first down…still hurts to see my team get crushed like that…

Well last week we had the second big storm of the season here in Atlanta.  I have no illusions about driving on ice…did that before…did not like the results from an ice storm when I was 16, and respected them ever since.  So we tucked into the house early, and never had an intention of leaving.

So here is our home covered in snow and about 1/2 to an inch of ice in spots eight days ago.  I think I was the only person on my street who owned a shovel…leftovers from living up north.  I really don’t blame people down here for not owning a snow shovel.  You’d use the darn thing once every few years.

While public school kids rejoiced, the homeschoolers here drove on with their lessons.  Live continued to go on normally in our house as the worst of the storm went south and messed up the electric service down there.  I was tangentially part of their day at school…and it was interesting for all of us.

Well the loss of work for me resulted in longer days since then to catch up, and that is how you pay the bills!  So sorry for the absence…but feeding kids comes first.

This photo is from good old Mr. Pentax K-5 with the 16-50mm.  I had a lot of snow and water falling all over me, so no lens changes here that’s for sure.  Since the whole combo was weathersealed, life was easy and fun as long as the front element stayed dry.  Pentax RAW files, like most RAW files, are flat.  You must process them to get what your mind’s eye wants to share with the world.  So for this shot I did the edits over in Perfect Effects 8, with a final crop in Aperture…done.