Hustle For Home

Hustle Bustle in Grand Central Station

Hustle Bustle in Grand Central Station

Here is the premise…I wanted to capture the interior of Grand Central Station and show how busy it is when people make a break for their trains so they can get home.  Yet on frame just did not get it done.  I had the little bits of motion here and there, but I still wanted more of the magic this place has.

So I went ahead and tried it…a seven frame HDR.   The station came out great…the people are ghosted.  The motion is both visible and implied.  Captures the hustle and bustle…and the grand interior of the station.

Ah a try at something new, and yep next time I’ll make sure the 14mm comes along.  Going to and from work I was with a one lens set up…in this case the 35mm!


Some fresh hot nuts!


New York has thousands of these street vendors across the city. One of my buddies really enjoys his fresh hot nuts…he likes cashews..but you could get peanuts and almonds too….

This night was very cold…and so when I saw the red in the photograph I thought I was seeing things. I was cold, but the photo seemed hot. Why?

Well the answer was one of those huge neon signs was active on the far side of the street. For just a brief moment it was on full red and helped make the hot nuts look red hot!


A little flavor of New York


A quick shot of some very tasty tropic juices at a very nice hot dog shack. I went for the mango that day and two hot dogs! One chili and one with cole slaw!

The restaurant would make an really ice photo shoot for an hour or so. The colors were fantastic and the place was super clean…and the chrome was as you can see very nice and shiny!


City Flowers Blooming for Sunday


I like to surprise my wife with a flower or two on occasion…and seeing these flowers reasonably priced for sale by florist made me a bit homesick. It was fun to poke my head under he plastic shroud protecting the 25 foot long booth of flowers…and find the smell of flowers could still overwhelm the dozens of cars, garbage cans, and multiple restaurants outside just a few feet away.

If I could have brought them on the plane I certainly would have!

It was a nice moment to feel the power of a flower in both vision and smell to remind me of what really matters in life…the love of my family and the little ways we need to share it.

P.S. This is the old X-E1 with the 35mm at night walking the street on the way to the hotel from church. The effects were done in Nik Snapseed.