Change is a Coming!

Just Driving the Van!

Just Driving the Van!

Well change is coming to the blog…

I’ve been busting along at work recently.  Crisis after crisis for the last month.  So I’ve been down and out for the count on the blog.

However I have not been sitting idol in the world of photography and blogging!  I’ve been dreaming of ways to capture his glory a little bit more….

I’ll unveil the changes hopefully in the next week or so, but until then here is a shot from my guest photographer Mrs Wojtkun!  This was a Sunday drive home from church, with a van filled to the brim with children…our four and five from a friend’s family. It was wonderful meyhem.  They were so happy, and I was just enjoying their happiness.  Now if this was rush hour…different story entirely!  But for the pursposes of this pleasureable moment, it truly was a Sunday drive.




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