Finding Texture in your Life


While editing a number of photos recently I noted the overwhelming power of the bright sun to wipe out the micro contrast in a photo. When the contrast is gone because it is to bright, everything becomes smoother. In many cases, if you are aiming for bringing texture into the photo it invites disaster for your goals.

I personally like texture in most of my photos, because it brings out interesting details which often add to the story of the item or person who is your subject. Now I’ll go into high key and low key subjects as well one day, but for now lets look at having a stated goal of texture in the photo…as it relates to life.

I meet many people (including the guy I see in the mirror shaving) who sometimes does not take advantage so such moments. I would tend to say that if you find life a little bland, or too smooth maybe you are glossing over the interesting parts. Maybe you need to take time, like I did in this photo, to add some contrast back in to the midtones.

Instead of texting a quick message to your sister, maybe you should just pick up the phone and talk. Instead of snippets and tweets you could explore the texture of life with heartfelt conversation and sharing of life experiences.
Now imagine if we did the same thing when examining your spiritual life!

Oh riches and textures we would find would number as the stars as we drew closer to the Lord!

P.S. Fujifilm X-T1 with 56mm in Savannah, Georgia.