The Forrest

Morning Light

Morning Light

It is one of those trying times for me right now….challenges, challenges and more challenges.  

As I processed this photo it pretty much matched my mood.  A dark forest being slowly being lit by the morning sun after a rainy night.  The morning haze showing off the rays of light and mist.  i see a lot of darkness, but I can still feel the light of the Lord guiding me step by step through the woods.

As a newer artist I still find it extraodinary when emotion guides your artistic decisions and direction.  I think that is what makes the whole adventure enjoyable and thought provoking.  Yet I cannot help myself from asking if anyone else sees my vision the same way…or will it merely become whatever they want it to be?  If someone does not see what you intended are you a success or a failure?  

To answer my question, I think it would be silly to think everyone will look at the photo the way you intended.  We all have different thoughts, perspectives and references.  Success and failure of a piece really depends on whether or not the image gets you to simply stop and think about your photo as they apply their thoughts to it.  


P.S. X-E1 with 18-55 shot while cooking eggs and sausage.

One thought on “The Forrest

  1. Hello my dearest nephew; the photo is absolutely gorgeous. I remember when Joe passed away and the morning of his funeral I took a moment to walk a bit through Cambridge and came across a similar scene, with train tracks going through a grove of trees and it was early morning and the mist was still heavy in the trees. Train tracks that were old and led to nowhere — or did they have their own path that told of many stories. Your photo brought back that memory to me just now. It is not a painful memory, but you have, in your artistic capability, caught the moment that was etched in my memory probably until the day I die. You are a truly talented photographer, Eric. Keep it going. Take a deep breath and realize we all go through trials. You are a Wojtkun and you WILL see this through, no matter what the challenge is. If you need anything, please let me know. I am here to help in any way I can.We love you very, very much and are so proud of you. A big hug to that wonderful wife of yours, Julia, Kevin, Kalen and Kellie Marie. We love you all.Suzi 🙂

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