Looking Up

Looking up at the blooming rose...

Looking up at the blooming rose…

     I’ve had a heck of a time photographing these roses.  It always seems that I get too much light on the red while the greens get properly exposed.  Then I’ll fix the red and the green gets so dark you see no detail.  Oh it drives me nuts!  However the beauty of the rose just continues to call me to try and get it right.

     The photo you see above is one of my better attempts.  In this case I shot the rose using backlight in the shade.  Everything seems ok because the shade and the backlight made let the subtle details and colors come out.   To get this photo I had to crawl between the bushes, avoid stepping on other lovely flowers and then get low looking at an unusual angle…upwards.

     We all have something that drives us crazy as we try obtain that perfect rose photo.  We will often fail in the individual attempts, but those failures do not have to define us.  We just have to keep improving and learning…and not failing so catastrophically that we lose the resources to try again.  If we keep going we can navigate around the obstacles and get the next shot at the rose.

    Rough week at work?  I know all about it…just maybe keep this in mind.   Keep looking up!