Old Glory

My hopes and dreams...

My hopes and dreams…

I will be up well before the crack of dawn to work the real job….

So tonight I post this photo in honor of the Red, White and Blue.

Everytime I see this flag my heart fills with pride.  I also reflect on what it is supposed to remind us of….

Red for the Blood shed to defend its ideal of freedom from tyranny.

White for the Purity of heart and deed required to serve its people fairly.  To lust after the goods of others is the opposite of that ideal.

Blue for the Unity required to hold a divrese people together through agape love.

There is no imperal seal, nothing to indicate personal ownership of this country and its people.  Just colors and stars we can aspire to reach though virtue and limiting vice’s reach into our collective national life.

I think our founders our looking at us now, wondering if we will remember these ideals…

Do yourself a favor today.  Read the Declaration of Independence!  Read the Consititution! Read a few chapters of the Federalist Papers.  Read the Founders words from their own hand and minds.  Don’t read someone elses’s opinion, rather build your own.

Take the time to read it.  Then look around and ask yourself where do we stand now?   

It might be a life changing moment.  I know it was for me at 15-16 in American History.  It was in college, and it affirmed my convictions a dozen times since.

God Bless America!

Tonight I will pray very hard for us all.  I hope you do as well.