A Rocky Stairway of Life

Original Savannah stairs at the docks

Original Savannah stairs at the docks

    Life poses challenge after challenge.  It is sort of like this rocky stairway.  You get there, but steps can be unevenly staggered, too smooth, worn, overgrown…and downright dangerous.

    God never promised us an easy life…he just gave us life.  As our license plate says, “Your Life does have an instruction manual”…The Bible.  

  I am sure you too can find many a good example of people who live it out with love, compassion and toughness allowing them to climb the rocky stairs of life honorably before God and man.  Those good people are the ones to emulate, be mentored by and befriend.  The company you keep pulls you up or drags you down.


P.S. Fujifilm X-E1, Velvia simulation, 23mm lens..Savannah waterfront district